The Handy Petrol Drum Chipper Shredder

With its immensely powerful 208cc Briggs &
Stratton engine driving four drum mounted
blades via high-torque V-belt drives, the
THPDS65 Petrol Shredder will handle
large volumes of thick, woody debris with the
utmost speed and efficiency.

Original price was: £959.00.Current price is: £899.00.


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Petrol Shredder

  • Self-Feed Design.
  • Handle for ease of movement.
  • 6cm (2.25”) Capacity.
  • 4cm (10”) Pneumatic Tyres.
  • Safety guard on chute.
  • Safety stop button.
  • Adjustable angle on discharge chute
  • 2 Drum Mounted Blades
  • Parallel Twin V Belt Drive
  • Product Weight: 52.50kg
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Carton Weight: 75.00kg
  • Carton Size: 760cm X 900cm X 430cm


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